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Farm Services

Farm insurance protects against many risks, including fire, wind, and hail.  From property to livestock to auto, there are many coverage options that mitigate risks that farmers face. At Edgewater Insurance, we provide these coverages and more through our comprehensive farm insurance program.

We work with a wide variety of carriers, including the #1 carrier for farm insurance in Nebraska, Farmers Mutual of Nebraska.  We have great relationships with our adjusters and our success has formed us into a top 10 writer of farm coverage with Farmers Mutual of Nebraska.  Because we have such a good relationship with all of our carriers, we can hand-pick different coverages for you to customize your insurance plan.  Luckily, our superior farm insurance doesn’t just stop with our carriers.  Our team of agents and account managers has over 100 years of insurance experience, and will work tirelessly on your behalf to make sure your plan fits your needs!

Many farm insurance policies start with coverages for personal dwellings, equipment, livestock and commodities, including hay and grain, plus utility vehicle coverage and liability coverage are some of the most important coverage areas.  Once we make sure your basic needs are covered, we move on to more specific elements of coverage for fine tuning.

If your farm employs enough employees, you may be required to carry workers compensation coverage.  Workers compensation isn’t required in most cases, and employers need to disclose if they do NOT carry coverage, while workers compensation coverage is expensive, it can potentially be helpful to have regardless of the premium.

We provide the perfect mix of experience and enthusiasm.  Since many of our staff have been farmers or worked with farms for so many years, we are uniquely passionate and knowledgeable about how to keep your risk to a minimum.  We thoroughly assess clients’ needs through one-on-one consultations, on-site inspections, and risks analyses.  Once we understand your needs, we shop on your behalf for the right coverages and present you with quotes and finalize coverage.

We regularly perform top-to-bottom reviews of our plans.  This ensures that coverages are always current and that your rates are always competitive.  We include clients in the review process whenever possible which enables clients to fully understand their coverage and to make changes as needed.

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