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Data Backup Insurance of a Different Kind Technology has made keeping up-to-date records of your personal finances, assets, and business documents easier than ever. No longer do you have to deal with scattered papers and overfilled filing cabinets. Instead, you can keep all of your most precious information neatly organized and secure on your own[...]
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Personal Umbrella Insurance Be Ready for Anything and Everything Personal Umbrella Liability is one of the most commonly overlooked policies, but in the case of a catastrophic financial event, it could be the best line of defense you will ever have. If you are involved in a major auto accident or if someone gets injured[...]
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Identity Theft Get Back to Being Yourself Identity Theft has become the fastest-growing white-collar crime in America. All it takes is your name, social security number, and date of birth, and a thief can apply for everything from a credit card or a bank loan to even an insurance policy. Having your identity stolen damages[...]
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