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Farm Equipment Insurance in McCook and Benkelman, NE

Keeping the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment of Nebraska Farmers Protected

Sunrise to sunset, individuals who own farms on the Great Plains relate to the workload tied to owning and operating an agribusiness. It’s traditionally an all-hands-on deck situation with success tied to efficient production from every machine, especially during harvest season.

At Edgewater Insurance, we focus on securing the financial investment farmers make in their agriculture equipment – either owned or leased. Whether you rely upon on a combine, tractor, planter, irrigation system, or a combination of the equipment listed, we’ll develop a farm insurance policy to plant the seeds of equipment protection.

Comprehensive Coverage for Farm Equipment

Farm equipment is often a farmer’s greatest investment, and our agents are knowledgeable of the coverage options available to protect these essential assets. We’ll work one-on-one with you to proactively identify possible exposures, developing coverage to reduce the financial impact of loss. If your equipment is impacted by a covered loss, we’ll help keep your business running.

Experienced Agents Producing Solutions for Your Agribusiness

Communication is key when it comes to keeping farm equipment policies up-to-date. Our agents are in consistent communication with farmers throughout the Great Plants, scheduling reviews and remaining accessible to client needs.

We work closely with the top agribusiness carriers, including Farmers Mutual of Nebraska and Rain & Hail LLC. This partnership translates to a direct agent, client relationship, accompanied by reliable insurance products.

For more information regarding coverage available for farm equipment and machinery, please contact an agent or request a quote.

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At Edgewater Insurance we’re proud to provide farm equipment insurance in McCook, Benkelman, Hayes Center, Wallace, Stratton, and Trenton, NE. We’re licensed to serve clients in Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado. 

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