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Crop Insurance in McCook and Benkelman, NE

Comprehensive Protection for Nebraska Farmers with Crops

Plenty of risk and uncertainty exists when working in the farm and agriculture industry. From natural disasters to changes in the economic landscape, a variety of scenarios can directly impact the productivity and profitability of agribusiness.

At Edgewater Insurance we recognize the revenue generated from your farm directly impacts the livelihood of you, your family, and your community. As a result, our agents administer a comprehensive crop insurance program, designed to reduce the fiscal impact of lower crop yields.

Crop Insurance Coverage Details

As an agency, we have built longstanding relationships with farmers and ranchers in the tri-state area. Through these partnerships it is clear the single most important risk management tool accessible is crop insurance.

Our team of agents start the process of securing this coverage by gaining important insight into farm operations. We ask valuable questions that center on maximizing coverage while minimizing premiums, unit options, and deductibles.

Together, we will review two basic forms of crop insurance – crop-yield insurance and crop-revenue insurance – and determine which option fits best for your farm.

  • Yield protection insurance shields extensive loss to crop profits from natural disasters, such as wind, hail, and drought that devastate the yield. The cost of yield protection insurance is traditionally associated with the value of the specific crop insured. Our clientele consists of Great Plains farmers who produce everything from corn and wheat to soybeans and grain sorghum (milo).
  • Revenue protection insurance withstands the effects of negative alterations in crop price during the growing season along with yield protection as well. The cost of coverage reflects how much a lower year’s revenues are compared to previous earnings. Overall, crop-revenue insurance assists in protecting farmers against drastic swings in crop prices.

The crop insurance policies we produce include the following:

  • Crop Hail Coverage
  • Multi-Peril Crop Coverage
  • Livestock Risk Protection
  • Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage
  • Field Grain Fire
  • Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Edgewater Insurance is also a leader in technology and map based acreage reports. We are ready for Acreage Crop Reporting Streamlining Initiative (ACRSI) and plan to make our clients’ lives easier when it comes to acreage reporting.

Ever Consider, ‘Is Crop Insurance Available Near Me?’

Our goal is to administer quality client service, while sharing extensive resources surrounding crop insurance protection. Agents have access to a variety of farm insurance products and carriers, which translates to a variety of options for Nebraska farmers.

We boast an established a long-standing partnership with Rain and Hail LLC, who have an excellent reputation and have been able to provide our clients with financial security when unexpected events like hail damage or other natural disasters occur.

Each crop season we contact our clients, review current coverages, and plan for the upcoming season by evaluating what coverage would be best suited for their farming operation. This is a detailed process but it is important to the insured and our agency. Our goal is to be proactive when it comes to protecting farmers against potential risks.

To gain further understanding of our crop insurance program, please contact an agent at your convenience. If you’re interested in planting a policy, feel free to request a quote.

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At Edgewater Insurance, we are proud to provide crop insurance in Grand Island, McCook, Columbus, Lexington, Benkelman, Shelby, NE and surrounding locations. Our agents are licensed to serve a selection of states, including Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado.

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